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Our Walking Shoe:

  • Advanced engineered to specifically support proper heel-toe motion as walkers land on their heels (heel-strike) while runners land flat-footed.
  • Provides excellent stability, with a slightly beveled heel and plenty of cushioning (heel takes a pounding each step).
  • And that stability is equally important when foot rolls forward and pushes off with toes (step taking motion).
  • EVA in sole, a shock-forming foam which is soft, light and flexible to support walking all day.
  • Designed to support and stabilize ankle to help prevent overpronation.

Our Built In Step Counter:

  1. Proprietary "i-tally“ technology, using step counting sensor to count steps accurately while walking.
  2. LCD screen built-in on tongue of right shoe..
  3. Sensor technology (micro-chip) displays data (step count) instantly on LCD screen on shoe.
  4. Water resistant.
  5. Lightweight (you won’t feel it).
  6. Counts for 24-hours and resets automatically at midnight so you can’t accidentally lose daily data.
  7. No other devices or apps needed (no phone, watch, band, etc.)


We believe our SB step-counting technology “i-tally” is superior to anything similar in the market.


  • Motion Sensor that can count steps.
  • Location is key how a Step Counter works best: foot-wear is better than wrist-wear when identifying the motion of taking a step.
  • The power of doing one thing and doing one thing correctly: counting steps.

How StepBuddies work ?

  • When you get your StepBuddies first, follow the easy instructions to start the i-tally internal clock (there are 2 buttons located on the i-tally for simple set up).
  • Once the i-tally clock is setup, i-tally is activated and the screen displays 0 for 0 steps yet taken.
  • The activated i-tally counts each step taken for a period of 24 hours and reset at midnight, displaying 0- for a new first step and a new beginning each day.
  • There is only one i-tally step-counter for each pair of StepBuddies.
  • i-tally is located on the tongue of the right shoe. It starts counting when you take the first step with your right foot.
  • i-tally counts each step taken by your right and your left foot when wearing your pair of StepBuddies.
  •  The screen on the right shoe will only display the steps your right foot takes which is every  other step: 1,3,5,7,9……
  • The numbers on the screen face the person wearing the shoe; you only have to glance down to see the progress of the step count.
  • Your last step taken with the right foot counts as the last step recorded by i-tally. It is always an odd number.
  • The maximum steps i-tally can count is 999,999 steps within 24 hours.
  • Once you reach 2,500 steps (an approximately half hour of walking) the screen displays in addition to the step count the word: “congratulation” – celebrating your achievement of taking the first step and the next.
  • I-tally has a battery safe mode
  • The accuracy of i-tally is +/- 4%.
  • You can take your StepBuddies on and off during the day. i-tally will keep on counting the total number of steps until it is midnight and it resets automatically.
  • Go to and log in for recording your daily steps, so you can keep track of the progress

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